AX Feature: Cross Company

Cross company support in forms, reports, queries and X++.

Yes, and it is the same what you are pondering on : you can display records from different companies in a single form (or report). Yeah ..

For a form, you just have to set the property AllowCrossCompany to Yes in the form's query and add a field that displays the company's ID to the forms's grid. That's it. Easy as that!

In X++, there is a new keyword crossCompany you can use in a select statement. Additionally, you can add a container with all the company ID's you want to include in your select statement.

So, your select statement could look like that:

while select salestable crossCompany : [dmo, cos]
... do something ...

And in query, this is the simplest way to achieve it:

static void CrossCOmpanyExample(Args _args)
    Custtable               ct;
    Query                   q;
    QueryRun                qr;
    QueryBuildDataSource    qbds ;
   q    = new query();
   qbds = q.addDataSource(tablenum(CustTable));


    qr = new QueryRun(q);

        ct = qr.get(tablenum(CustTable));

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