Cache in Dynamics Ax 2009

Many a time we have issue regarding data, on debugging found that old record is overriding new record…
Sometimes it could be because the cache is not getting refreshed.

Caches are used both on client and server. Microsoft Dynamics AX runtime manages the cache by replacing old record with new record are added to the cache.
If one want to delete(or) clean up the local cache file, below are the following step:
· Stop the AOS
· Delete the ‘.auc’ file from location ‘ user\AppData\Local\ *.auc’
· Restart AOS.

Scenario -
Suppose there are 2 AOS that required to flush the cache but then we cannot stop or start the AOS. How can one refresh the Cache?

There are three menu action items that can be used to flush system data, the AOD, and dictionary.
The thing about these though is that they are set to run at "called from" which when ran clear the client cache.
The trick is to copy these three menu items, and then change the run from property to server. Now you can launch these menu items, and they will run on the server, therefore clearing the AOD, sys data, and dictionary, causing a refresh.

So the three menu items that you copy are:[Under Menu items > Action]
1. SysFlushAOD
2. SysFlushData
3. SysFlushDictionary

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  1. why you need to stop the AOS service ?Once client has been closed you can delete the *.auc files,next time you open the clinet it will re-generate the cache files.


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