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Understanding Address Framework Technically

LogisticsPostalAddress (Address): This table stores the actual physical postal address. Postal Address have 2 important fields ValidFrom, ValidTo. This means that there could be multiple entries.
LogisticsElectronicAddress (Contact): This table stores all the contacts. Contacts are of 2 types ·Contacts linked directly to Customer/Vendor. ·Contacts linked to a Postal Address.
In Microsoft Dynamics AX, you add postal and electronic address information to entities such as customer, vendor, or contact person by using the DirPartyPostalAddressView and DirPartyContactInfoView views.
Table Description DirPartyTable Global address book. This will contain entries for all people and organizations  you deal with, including customers, suppliers, employees, etc. This information is maintained across the entire organization. NB the table structure often refers to address book entries as 'parties'. Generally other records (like customer, supplier, etc) will reference a record in this table by…