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Counting of inventory On-Hand in AX2012

Guys, sometime it’s required to do a counting of inventory and in some case if you want to do it technically, I've created a static method which will be helpful to create a counting history and related voucher posting (Inventory count).
Front end navigation: Inventory On-Hand >> Quantity adjustment

publicstaticvoid adjustInventoryCount(                                 ItemId              _item,                                 InventLocationId    _inventLocation,                                 WMSLocationId       _wmsLocation,                                 Qty                 _qtyCounted                                 ) {     WMSOnlineCountingServer     wmsOnlineCountingServer;     TmpWMSOnlineCounting        tmpWMSOnlineCounting;
void initOnHandItem(                         ItemId              _itemId,                         InventLocationId    _inventLocationId,                         WMSLocationId       _wmsLocationId,                         Qty                 _counted   …