Dynamics AX7/D365 For Operations: Source code location

The application code for Dynamics 365 for operations is stored in File system, usually in a directory named PackageDirectory. You can find the details on the configuration related to AOS in a web.config file.

Steps to follow: 
  1. Open IIS and go to the Sites\AOSService (in case you missed, AOS is a web service with D365Ops).
  2. Right click > Explore
  3. You should be directed to a folder (to J:\AosService\WebRoot if you are using MS demo environments)
  4. Now search for the web.config file and open it.
  5. Search for keyword - "Aos.PackageDirectory" and you should be able to find the value for the Package directory.
  6. It should be J:\AosService\PackagesLocalDirectory (if you are using MS demo environments)

How is the Source code updated in File system: 

Now if we try to look into how the code is stored in the File system. In the above identified PackageDirectory, you will find that there are individual folders to consist the code changes for each Model. 

The simplest way to understand the structure is to create your own model and verify the below: 

  1. Look for the folder relevant to your newly created model (in my case, AJDEV)
  2. Under path //PackageLocalDirectory/AJDEV/AJDEV - you will observe that there are #78 new folders created for each element type in the AOT. All with a sub folder Delta which is going to store the changes made.
  3. And under path //PackageLocalDirectory/AJDEV/Descriptor - you will find a config file storing the information about your model.
  4. And under path //PackageLocalDirectory/AJDEV/XPPMetadata - the metadata information about the AOT objects is stored.


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  2. if I have the xppMetadata folder from the ISV.. how can I use this to generate the xpp files and be able to view Code?


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