Dynamics 365 For Operations: Keyboard shortcuts

Action Shortcuts:
1. Open Action Search: Ctrl + ‘ and Alt + Q
2. Move to the Standard Action Pane: Ctlr + F6
3. To Open a Tab in the Action Pane or a Menu: Enter/Space/Alt+Down Arrow
4. Go to Next/Previous Option in a Menu: Down Arrow/Up Arrow
5. To Close a Tab in the Action Pane/Menu: Esc
6. Simulate a Right-Click: Shift + F10
7. To Open Dynamics 365 for Operations Context Menu: Ctlr + F10
8. To Execute the Default Button on a Form/Dialog: Alt + Enter
9. Click a Button or Tile: Enter/Space
10. View Refresh Information for a Count Tile: Alt + Up Arrow
Date Picker Shortcuts:
1. To Open the Date Picker: Alt + Down Arrow
2. Move between Dates in the Date Picker: Ctlr + Arrows
3. Move to Next/Previous Month: Page Down/Page Up
4. Move to the Next/Previous Year: Ctrl + Shift + Page Down/Ctlr + Shift + Page Up
FactBox Shortcuts:
1. Open the FactBox Pane: Ctrl + F2
2. Close FactBox Pane: Esc
3. Move to Previous/Next FactBox: Alt + Shift + Down Arrow/Alt + Shift + Up Arrow
4. Move to the th Factbox: Alt + ( = 1-9)
5. Expand a FactBox (FactBox Header): Space/Enter
6. Collapse Current FactBox: Alt + 0
Filtering Shortcuts:
1. Open Grid Filtering for Current Column: Ctlr + G
2. Close Grid Filtering for Current Column: Esc
3. Open Filter Pane: Ctlr + F3
4. Close Filter Pane: Esc
5. Open Advanced Filtering/Sort: Ctlr + Shift + F3
Form Shortcuts:
1. To Create a New Record: Alt + N
2. To Delete a Record: Alt + Del/Alt + F9
3. Save Record: Alt + S/Ctlr + S
4. Revert: Ctlr + Shift + F5
5. Data Refresh: Shift + F5
6. Move to the Visible First Field on the Form: Alt + Shift + F
7. Toggle Edit Mode: F2
8. Attach a Document: Ctlr + Shift + A
9. Export to Excel: Ctlr + Shift + E
10. Move to Previous Record: Ctrl + Up Arrow
11. Move to Next Record: Ctrl + Down Arrow
12. Move to First Record: Ctlr + Home
13. Move to Last Record: Ctlr + End
14. Open Navigation List on Details Forms: Ctrl + F8
15. Close Navigation List on Details Form: Esc
Grid Shortcuts:
1. Move to Previous/Next Column: Tab/Shift + Tab
2. Move to Previous/Next Row: Down Arrow/Up Arrow
3. Move to Previous/Next Row without Selecting One: Ctlr + Up Arrow/Ctrl + Down Arrow
4. Select/Clear the Current Row: Ctlr + Space/Ctrl + Click
5. Add Next/Previous Row to the Select Set: Shift + Space
6. Add a Range of Rows to the Selected Set: Shift + Click
7. Go to Next/Previous Page of Data: Page Up/Page Down
8. Create New Row at the Bottom of the Grid: Down Arrow
9. Select/Clear All Rows: Ctlr + Shift + M
10. Move to First Record: Ctlr + Home
11. Move to Last Record: Ctrl + End
Input Control Shortcuts:
1. Enter Session Date in a Date Field: D + Tab
2. Enter Current Date in a Date Field: T + Tab
3. Open Lookup, Combo Box, Date Picker, Drop Dialog: Alt + Down Arrow
4. Close Lookup, Combo Box, Date Picker, Drop Dialog: Esc
5. Move Focus into a Lookup: Alt + Down Arrow
6. Open the Control’s Enhanced Preview: Alt + Up Arrow
7. Select Text in the Current Field: Ctlr + A
8. Enter/Leave the Text Area in an HTML Editor Control: Alt + Down Arrow/Alt + Up Arrow
Messaging Shortcuts:
1. Go to the Message Center: Ctlr + Shift + F7
2. Go to the Message Bar: Ctlr + F7


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