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Dynamics 365 For Operations: Integration helpers (URL)

The following link contains simple examples for OData, Soap, and JSON.
It helps developer to view and understand the sample code to understand the integration between dynamics 365 For Operations: 
Microsoft /Dynamics-AX-Integration
Data management and integrationthrough data entities

Dynamics 365 For Operations: GenerateDrillThroughLink/DrillThroughProvider - Hyperlink on SSRS report data fields

The process for embedding custom drill-down navigation links into application forms in Dynamics 365 for Operations differs from solutions in AX2012
Dynamics 365 for Operations Reporting framework does NOT auto-generate hyperlinks based on EDT relations.
How to get hyperlink on SSRS report data field:
In the Precision design, field 'Action' property, you can find the expression like:
=Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.Reports.BuiltInMethods.GenerateDrillThroughLink(Parameters!AX_ReportContext.Value, Parameters!AX_UserContext.Value, "[MenuItemName]", "[MenuItemType]", "[TableName]", "{Arguments}")
Example: =Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.Reports.BuiltInMethods.GenerateDrillThroughLink(Parameters!AX_ReportContext.Value, Parameters!AX_UserContext.Value, "ProjTable","Display","ProjTable", "ProjId",fields!ProjId.Value)