Dynamics 365 For Operations: GenerateDrillThroughLink/DrillThroughProvider - Hyperlink on SSRS report data fields

The process for embedding custom drill-down navigation links into application forms in Dynamics 365 for Operations differs from solutions in AX2012

Dynamics 365 for Operations Reporting framework does NOT auto-generate hyperlinks based on EDT relations.

How to get hyperlink on SSRS report data field:

In the Precision design, field 'Action' property, you can find the expression like:

=Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.Reports.BuiltInMethods.GenerateDrillThroughLink(Parameters!AX_ReportContext.Value, Parameters!AX_UserContext.Value, "[MenuItemName]", "[MenuItemType]", "[TableName]", "{Arguments}")

=Microsoft.Dynamics.Framework.Reports.BuiltInMethods.GenerateDrillThroughLink(Parameters!AX_ReportContext.Value, Parameters!AX_UserContext.Value, "ProjTable","Display","ProjTable", "ProjId",fields!ProjId.Value)

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  1. Hi Vishal,
    I tried it for very simple SSRS report (auto/precision design) vendlist for vendor account field but it is not working. Am I missing something before applying this value?


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