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D365 FO: Uninstall model from UAT/PROD environment

To delete the model, which was installed on the UAT/PROD environment via LCS. Instructions for uninstalling a model in UAT/PROD:
If the model is extension model:
1. Delete all the components from a model and create a deployable package out of it.
2. Create a text file called “ModuleToRemove.txt” and put it into the AOSService\Scripts folder
3. In the text file, put in the name of the module you want to remove, for example – “NewModel”
4. Zip up the package and upload into the asset library
5. Apply the package in a sandbox

If the model is an overlayered model:
1. Remove it (over layered code) from DEV environment in Visual Studio
2. Build the module (say if you have overlayered Application suite, build the Application suite module again after over-layering is removed)
3. Create a deployable package of the module that has over layering removed (say Application suite)
4. Follow the instruction to create a text file in the AOSService\Scripts folder and put Application suite in it.
5. Deplo…