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D365 FO: Method calling sequence of Data Entity

1.The postLoad method is called also by import! Since postLoad is the recommended place to set values for the virtual fields, this potentially slow-down the import process unnecessarily.

2.Be careful by using the postTargetProcess method! This method is called at the end of EACH thread/task-bundle if you are using the “Import threshold record count” option.

3.Previously, you could add postTargetProcess only to a newly created entity, but now you can extend any entity using CoC
Extension is simple.
[ExtensionOf(tableStr(DataEntity))] final public class DataEntity_Extension {     public static void postTargetProcess(DMFDefinitionGroupExecution _dmfDefinitionGroupExecution)     {         // Do no call next         //logic here     } }
Please note that this cannot be done via ODATA because ODATA updates, inserts records row by row and there is no post event\method to use. (*Thanks to Uwe krueger for the insight*)