D365 F&O: App checker (Build your code as per MS standards)

Folks, Today I would like to shed some light on D365 Fin Ops – App checker (checkbox) under the build model dialog form in Visual studio [>>Only for Developers<<]

Dynamics 365 -> Build Models -> Options tab -> Run App Checks

What does ‘Run app checks” do? Yes, you are thinking it right 😊 – When you mark ‘Run app checks’ flag to true during the build process of the selected model - System will do the analysis over the custom code to check if it meets Microsoft coding standard and provide you the list of errors/warnings if it doesn’t pass all the standards. Isn’t that interesting?
So, finally, we can say -
** If you do not meet the coding standards your solution will not build **

However, you need to have mandatory installation of BaseX to utilize App checker functionality.
Below table will provide you more insights.

Install BaseX for Application Checker

BaseX download

Repository supporting the D365 F&O app checker

Keep D365Ing 😊

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