D365 F&O - Feature management - Customer and Vendor information on voucher transactions form

Good News!!

It is possible now to have the Customer/Vendor account or name on voucher transactions, this feature is part of the 2020 release wave 1. You can read about the announcement here. In a preview of Microsoft Dynamics 365 version 10.0.9, you can find this feature. To be able to use it, you have to enable it using Feature management.

On the feature management form, Search for the option ‘Add Vendor ID, Vendor name, Customer ID, and Customer name to the Voucher transaction list page‘. When you have selected this record, click on the button Enable now which is located on the bottom-right of this page.
When you have enabled this feature, you can directly go to the Voucher transactions form and use the newly added information.

Thanks to AndrΓ© Arnaud who brought this topic here. 

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