D365 F&O: Action Message – Latest feature

Hey Folks, 

I know many of us were waiting for this cool feature where we could go land to the action (main form/details) page of the message – which gets notify during your work process in the notification area.

Yes, with this you can link the info messages to a menu item and finally navigate to the corresponding records.

It’s possible via API – “Message”. The Message() API gives you more control over the lifecycle of a message by allowing you to explicitly add and remove messages.

public static void main(Args _args)
        VendTable vendTable = VendTable::find('1001');

        MenuItemMessageAction actionData = new MenuItemMessageAction();
        str jsonData = FormJsonSerializer::serializeClass(actionData);

        int64 messageId = Message::AddAction(MessageSeverity::Informational,
            "Vendor information",
            vendTable.name(), MessageActionType::DisplayMenuItem, jsonData);

Also, did you ever ponder – how can you remove the Infolog in D365 F&O ?

Using traditional way – Infolog.clear(…)? This sometimes won’t work as expected. Hence, you can use the MessageId(Int64) field to be captured and removed using the message API.


Sample code:

final class VLSVendTableForm_Extension
    public static RefRecId messageId;

    public void init()
        next init();
        messageId = Message::Add(MessageSeverity::Warning, "Extension of vendor form");




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