D365 Finance: AI, Power Apps, Power Automate Mix!!


Hello folks, Today I am going to showcase how I have used AI builder via PowerApps to create the record in D365 Finance.

I just scanned a simple report (Based on your scenario) and built the model under PowerApps > AI builder and trained it. Below is the screenshot:

To understand more about building and training the models under AI – Read the article.

Once that’s been developed, created a very simple canvas app including AI – Form processor, shown below:


Crux – Once you click on Analyze button and select the file – AI uses the intelligence to recognize the text’s in the document and fill in the required text boxes in the PowerApps. Thereafter, Power automate would read those variables/texts to process the data entities as per the scenario.

Here, I tried creating a record (Sales Line) in F&O using the Power Apps, and AI Builder by capturing the text from the scanned object (document).

Thank you! 😊


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