Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2009 Three-Tier Architecture

The three-tier environment is divided as follows:

   Ø  First Tier - Intelligent Client
   Ø  Second Tier - AOS
   Ø  Third Tier - Database Server

1. The AOS executes Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 business logic that provides for scalability, flexibility, and better performance for properly designed objects.

2. In this three-tier solution the database runs on a server as the third tier; the AOS handles the business logic in the second tier.

3. The thin client is the first tier and it handles the user interface and necessary program logic.

The Figure below shows Tier Interaction Diagram illustrates the interaction between the three tiers.

--The AOS architecture is highly scalable.
--As a business grows and the number of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 users increase, expand the capacity of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 by adding an additional AOS to the second tier.
--The additional server provides load balancing and introduces fail over safety into the environment.

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