Microsoft Azure: Azure storage apps & Azure blob storage

What is Azure Logic App?

Azure Logic App is a cloud service. Using Logic Apps defines the workflow at ease consuming a range of APIs exposed as Connectors. These Logic App connectors will perform the sequence of actions defined in the workflow whenever the trigger gets fired.

Below are various types of triggers available for Azure Functions:

·       Queue Trigger

·       Timer Trigger

·       Event Trigger

·       Http Trigger


Azure Logic App pricing:

Azure Logic App Pricing is completely based on executions of triggers, actions, and connectors.

Actions – $0.000025/ Exec

Standard Connector – $0.000125/ Exec

Enterprise Connector – $0.001/ Exec

For the Integration Service Environment (ISE), the pricing counts on the base unit and scale unit. For Integration account with Logic App B2B, the pricing will vary based on the tiers

Basic – $0.42/ Hr

Standard – $1.37/ Hr

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Azure Blob Storage & Pricing:

Block blob storage is used for streaming and storing documents, videos, pictures, backups, and other unstructured text or binary data.

The total cost of block blob storage depends on:

The volume of data stored per month.

Quantity and types of operations performed, along with any data transfer costs.

Data redundancy option selected.

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