D365 Finance – Integration Strategy: Lessons Learned!!


Good Morning Folks,  

Today I am going to talk about the integration strategy and a few lessons which we have learned while performing the integration – Either Inbound (Or) Outbound.

So before commencing any Integration, I would recommend having a kind of a Book or Integration Register which would help us to determine what is/are the next steps…!!

So, I am mainly focusing on what you need when you have the integration work to be performed ...??

Below are the snapshots – which can be incorporated under the smartsheet to determine various methods/protocols you’re going to utilize in the Integration:

       i.          Finding the source system

      ii.          Finding the target system

    iii.          Determining the source format of the file

    iv.          Determining the target format of the file

      v.          The mode of integration – Sync or Async?

    vi.          Peak hour volume?

   vii.          Frequency per hour?

  viii.          Integration type



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